Generally, entrepreneurs and owners of family businesses or closely-held businesses want:

· Satisfaction with the business as it is or will become
· Confidence in its long-term sustainability (for current and future generations)
· Growth of its long-term value (to its owners, heirs or employees)

Delta Resource Group delivers a set of processes, tools and metrics to make your business more valuable, more sustainable, and more satisfying.

More Valuable - Increasing the market value of the business, which in many closely held companies is the majority of the owner's net worth. Preserving, protecting and realizing existing value, while creating additional value. Developing a clear-cut, plausible exit or continuation strategy. Includes valuation assessment, improvement plans and metrics and performance tracking.

More Sustainable - Developing and executing plans for management team assessment/development, succession planning, capitalizing for growth, and planning for and realizing liquidity.

More Satisfying - Includes increasing the owners' and executives' satisfaction with the business, its day-to-day operation, and its future direction. Creating more time to work ON the business, rather than IN the business, and providing liquidity to facilitate life-style objectives.