Each member of our firm brings years of hands-on experience to the table, giving Delta Resource Group the unique ability to make your business more valuable.  Each of us has a proven track record, either as a business owner or executive with hands-on experience in:   

  • Owner Coaching and Advisory Services
      — Regular, face-to-face meetings & reviews, both strategic and tactical

      — Accountability for execution of plans and strategies
      — Ongoing Due Diligence "dress rehearsal" -- Looking at the company as a buyer would
      — "Executive-on-Call" -- Someone who understands life as a business owner

  • Business Assessment and Valuation
      — Business driver identification
      — Performance Metrics
      — IT/Monitoring systems to ensure results
      — Wealth/Asset management for owners

  • Management Team Assessment/Development
       Situation Assessment
      Leadership Assessment/Executive Coaching
      Transition and change management

      — Recruiting assistance/candidate assessment

  • Sales/Marketing Strategy
      Channel Management
      Brand Management
      Sales Team evaluation
      Domestic/International Market Research
  • Operations Strategy
      Performance Benchmarking
      Quality Systems
      Information Systems -- CAD/CAM/CIM integration




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